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It has been manufacturing hydraulic hammers for more than ten years. This is the beginning of a process that focuses on safety in every process
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Hammer mounted excavator various operations using

1, the excavator operation technology First to confirm the situation around the. Rotary operation, around the obstacles, terrain to do know the score, safe operation; operation, to confirm the fore-and-aft direction track, to avoid tipping or impact; try not to give the final drive in the face of mining direction, otherwise easy to damage the motor running or hose; operations, to ensure the right track in full contact with the ground, increase the dynamic stability of the complete machine. 2, effective mining method When the bucket cylinder and the link between the bucket rod, cylinder and bucket rod cross into 90 degrees, the maximum digging force; bucket teeth and the ground at a 30 degree angle, mining the best that the soil cutting resistance minimum; with the bucket rod excavation,...

Hydraulic breaker and rock hammer works correctly

1. Proper breakdown force For effective crushing, the hydraulic breaker  applies the appropriate breakdown force. If the breakdown force is insufficient, then the piston hammer energy will not be effective gravel; In this way, the counter force of hammer force will be transmitted to the rock breaker  body and the big arm of the excavator/loader, thus damaging these parts. Excavator/loader, on the other hand, the big arm lifting cases, if the puncture force is too large and, when broken, the machine may be in the gravel suddenly tilted, hammer, hammer hit so hard stone can cause damage of broken hammer, combat operations, under the condition of vibration will also spread to wheel excavator crawler, should avoid in such conditions. So during the strike operation, always pay attention to t...

hydraulic breaker maintenance

Every 8 working hours or once a day, winding inspection is required.Inspection items include: • loose bolts, oil leaks, damaged parts, defective parts and worn parts • check the overall condition of the work tools • shake each member • check the overall condition of the hydraulic system • check bracket for loose bolts or missing bolts • check the condition of hydraulic lines and joints • check the hydraulic flange for appropriate torque • check the drill stem and lower bushing for wear • replace any damaged or worn parts before operating the hammer Check the following three items every 10 working hours or once a week 1) check the hydraulic device • check hydraulic lines for damage or wear • check hydraulic joints for damage or leakage • check connection hose for damage or wear • check ...

hydraulic breaker manufacturers share the application of hydraulic hammer in small scraper

The small scraper and hydraulic hammer are combined to achieve the purpose of a multi-purpose machine. The main idea is to use the hydraulic system of the small scraper itself to adjust the position of the hammer (including height adjustment and Angle adjustment), and at the same time to increase a set of hydraulic energy pipeline of the hammer for the work of the hammer. The bookmark2, a retrofit program for the new fracture hammer, takes full advantage of the 0.75 scraper system without damaging the original structure as much as possible. The original big arm of the scraper is too short to adjust the position of the breaking hammer, so a new set of extended big arm shall be mached to adjust the height of the breaking hammer. The oil path of the dump is moved to the lower arm after mod...

Nitrogen charging notice

Why add nitrogen ? Nitrogen in the crushing hammer USES the hydraulic crushing hammer to store the remaining energy and the recosting energy of the piston during the previous strike, and releases the energy at the same time during the second strike to increase the strike ability. In short, the effect of nitrogen is to amplify the strike energy.Therefore, the amount of nitrogen directly determines the performance of the crushing hammer. How much nitrogen should I add? How much nitrogen should be added, this is the concern of many excavators.The more nitrogen is added, the greater the pressure in the energy storage device, and the optimal working pressure of the energy storage device will be slightly different according to the specifications and models of the crushing hammer and the diffe...

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  • Nitrogen charging notice